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Vivienne (Pin 4390) Tarot Reader

Vivienne is a natural and caring Psychic Clairvoyant with around 30 years experience. Vivienne is amazingly understanding with many difficult life issues .


Tina is a Natural Psychic Clairvoyant who is also a very good Medium. Tina can do distant healing helping you feel more yourself. Tina uses her guides and angels to help guide you.

Tina Pin 4375) Tarot & Pendulum


call cost only  1.00 per min plus acess

charge,callers must be 16+

Morgan Pin (4156) Tarot Reader


Francoise is claircognizant. She will aim to use her intuition, inner knowledge and guidance cards to help you develop a brighter future. She is constantly developing her spiritual abilities.


Francoise Pin (4154) Tarot Reader

Morgan is a wonderful listener and has studied for many years to help you wade through the minefield of life itself. She will always aim to leave you feeling empowered.


Alexx has many years experience helping people find their path and passing on messages from loved ones. please give her a try.

Alex Pin (4157) Tarot Reader


Navana is an International tarot reader, medium & energy healer with over 12 years experience. Using her psychic abilities and innate gift of clairvoyance.

Nirvana Pin (4151) Tarot Reader


Alexander Pin (4163) Angel Reader

Alexander loves to help clients find a solution to situations so that they can move forward and feel secure that the choices they have made are positive. He is a psychic clairvoyant,

Elayna is a natural Clairvoyant and Psychic. She also uses the Crystal Ball and Tarot. She has had her abilities since birth, but has been practicing regularly for 30 years, doing phone and platform work.

Elayna Pin (1284) Tarot/Crystal Reader

elayna joanna

Joanna is a psychic clairvoyant. Joanna is a natural psychic, who was born with her ability. Joanna is also clairsentient which means she reads from the heart.

Joanna Pin (456) Tarot Reader

0913 530 003

Call cost 1.00 per min,plus phone access,charge,callers muste be 16+

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0913 530 003